How It Works


Smartsociates Innovate feature provides a set of collaborative innovation tools to help promote Entrepreneurial and enterprise activities within the Smartsociates community. Start-up Entrepreneurs, Businesses and other Organisations can get their ideas to market quicker by reaching out to like-minded individuals who are willing to support the idea by sharing or volunteering their skill through an agreed collaborative framework.

You could reach out to Graduates or young professions who are willing to volunteer their skills on a project of interest in exchange for work experience or sweet equity.

You could also reach to experienced professionals willing to volunteer their skills for good cause e.g on a charity initiative.

This is a free tool on the platform where collaborators can create team or group accounts and manage project communication within the platform.


Post A Project Screenshot

- Click on the Innovate link and you will be directed to the Innovate page.

- Click on Post a Collaboration Project.

- Complete Project Form and Post and Post a Collaboration Project.


- Potential Collaborators will express interest.

- Screen candidates by clicking on the Preselecting or Deselecting buttons.

- Contact preselected candidates directly to discuss your requirements.

- Agree collaboration terms and outcomes.

Pre-Qualify Collaborators Screenshot