Smartsociates Foundation

Smartsociates Foundation seeks to promote Smartsociates’ values, which we believeare the building block of the journey that we set out in the pioneering of the Smartsociates venture.

What we stand for in simple terms:

Excel: “Giving everyone to the chance to become their very best”.

Diversity: “A place where anyone can be anything”.

Learning: “Being ahead of the game and doing smarter things”.

Integrity: “Doing the right thing when no one is watching you”.

Our aim is to undertake initiatives that will help direct support to NGOs, Charities andSocial Enterprise ventures in areas of learning, skills development and entrepreneurship in deprived regions of the world

Smartsociates Open and Collaborative Innovation product was specifically designed and deployed to help us achieve these objectives. This product provides a frameworkfor open innovation using simple innovation competition/challenge tools to help forster innovation within local communities. All proceeds from this product will be directed to support the Smartsociates’ charity course.

Smartsociates Innovate product also encourages volunteering within the platform particularly for graduates and people seeking to learn and develop new skills to match the labour market demands. Over the coming years our focus will be to help as many graduates as possible to break the chicken and egg dilemma linked to fresh employment.

We will also participate in a number of public fundraising events throughout the year in pursuit of this course.