Smartsociates Privacy Policy

1.0 Privacy Policy
This policy describes how Smartsociates collects and uses personal data from Users of the Smartsociates web application. Please read this document carefully to make sure you understand our practices on this subject.


  • Applicability
    This policy applies to individuals and businesses using the Smartsociates platform to procure services or collaborate voluntarily on projects and all service providers using Smartsociates to web application to deliver services for Clients.
    This policy does not apply to any third-party application, product or services advertised or marketed on Smartsociates.
    If you do not wish to use the Smartsociates’ platform for the purpose it is intended for or do not agree to the terms of this policy, do not access or use the website services.


  • Age
    This website is for use by individuals of age 16 years and above. It is not our intention to collect and store Children’s personal data. If you know of anyone using Smartsociates services who is below the age of 16 years or a child who has illegally provided personal data, please contact us and Smartsociates shall take reasonable actions to remove this data.


  • Collection of Personal Data
    We may collect any of the personal information listed below:
  • - Information that we may use to identify you or communication with you before you access or when you start the site services. This may include your name, company name, email address, billing address and mobile number, profile picture.
  • - Payment information relating to card payment details, bank account details when you decide to either make a purchase or deliver a sales transaction using the website services.
  • - Smartsociates runs a Know Your Customer Process which requires identity verification to limit fraudulent activities or illegal use of the website. You make be required to provide copies of government issued photo identification.
  • - We may keep a record of your activities within the site such as communication history, contents shared with other users, transaction records, feedback you have provided for other users and feedback on your activities received from other users.
  • - We may also collect information about you from third parties in addition to the information you provide. This may include education, work related credentials verification, credit records and criminal record checks.


  • Use of Personal Data

The data that we collect from you is used for the following:

  • - Improving our services to enhance user experience
  • - From time to time we may inform you of new products and services
  • - From time to time we may contact you to address technical and customer related queries associated with the use of Smartsociates site.
  • - We may send you newsletters, marketing and promotion emails
  • - We may use your personal data to provide you with custom offering or services
  • - We may use your personal data to give you permission or allow you access to our premium services if you make a request to access these features.
  • - We may use your personal data to notify of changes to the site rules, terms of use and other policies
  • - We may use your personal data to support enforcement activities to comply with the laws.


  • Third Party Disclosure
  • - Your personal data will not be shared with third party for use in marketing activities without seeking your consent unless prescribed under this policy. However, we may share aggregate data containing non-identifiable personal information to third party.
  • - In order for you to receive the full benefits of our services, your personal data may be shared with third party application providers including our escrow service provider for the purpose of payment processing.
  • - Your personal non- identifiable information may be shared with other site users for the purpose of providing a service or receiving a proposal for service requested.
  • - Where required by the law we may pass on your personal data to enforcement, judicial or administrative Authorities to comply with the law.
  • - Part of our strategic planning process may require that we transfer or sell some of our assets which may include your personal data to another organisation. However, you will be notified of such business changes.
  • - Smartsociates provides social media login facilities for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ which enable users to access site services. If you choose to connect to your account via this means we may disclose your personal data if required. Your permission will be requested.
  • - From time to time Smartsociates subscribes to third party advertisement and data analytics service providers who may require collecting non- identifiable personal data from our site to carry out targeted adverts and provide analytics for the site to help improve our services.


  • Cookies
    Like most website Smartsociates uses cookies to collect information about your usage of the site. Cookies are small data files that we transfer to your browser and it’s saved on your hard drive for recording data. Cookies collects information from you that does not identify you. We use both temporary and persistent cookies. Temporary cookies collect general data regarding site traffic, location, pages visited. We may use persistent cookies to register your login information and remember you for future logins to site. We may also use cookies to help diagnose the problems that you are encountering when accessing certain site features.


  • Protecting Personal Data
    Smartsociates take every step to ensure that personal data that is collected from you is kept secured. Site access, data transmission and storage via the internet are all protected using latest technologies in the market place. However, Smartsociates cannot guarantee full security of your personal data that is transmitted to us via the internet as there is no available technology that can achieve complete security.
    You can contact our Data Protection Officer using email:


  • Unsubscribing
    As a user, you can decide on the type of notifications you want to receive. This relates to marketing materials and newsletters received by email. Notification preferences can be updated on your Smartsociates account notification panel or by sending an email to Certain notifications relating to your Smartsociates account will remain as it helps us to administer your account.


  • Updating and Requesting Personal Data
    From time to time you will receive a notification from Smartsociates to update your account details and Smartsociates shall update and correct your details, however you are responsible for maintaining the currency and accuracy of the information held within Smartsociates.
    You also have the right to request details of your personal information held by Smartsociates. This may be done by sending an email to Smartsociates has the sole discretion to apply charges for such requests.
    Any request to delete your personal information held by Smartsociates will be subject to review to ensure it is complaint with the applicable law.


  • Data Retention
    Smartsociates shall retain personal data of Users for durations that are dictated by the following:
  • - Continued use of Smartsociates services without any request from user to delete data
  • - As long as applicable by the Law
  • - For privacy reasons as explain in this document. This may include complying with legal obligation for ongoing investigation, dispute or enforcement relating to the use of our services.


  • Links to Other Websites
    Smartsociates website may contain links to other websites not managed or associated with our business and by clicking any of these links you will be routed to a different website. This information is placed on our website for reference only. This does not provide any indication of partnership or affiliation of any type with Smartsociates, nor does this constitute an endorsement of their privacy practices. They may also install their own cookies to collect personal data from you. You are advised to read the privacy policy published on these websites and make sure you understand them before providing your personal data.


  • Storing and Transferring your Personal Data Abroad
    Smartsociates is a registered business within the United Kingdom which is the primary location where your personal data will be stored and protected in accordance with the laws of countries with the European Economic Area which may not be applicable if your country is out of this area. Also, some of our third-party application providers may be located outside the primary location where your personal data is stored and protected, and they may require us to transfer your personal data to their location to ensure continued and efficient delivery of our services. By visiting and using this site you fully understand the implication and provide your consent for your personal data to stored and transferred to the United Kingdom and Host countries of our third-party application providers requiring your personal data.


  • Your Rights
  • Processing of your personal data is subject to the EU General Data Protection Laws. As a
  • Smartsociates User, you can exercise the following rights:
  • - Right to be informed: Know how your personal data is being processed.
  • - Right to access: Access to your personal data in a concise and easy to understand format.
  • - Rights to rectification, restriction and deletion of their personal data
  • - Right to portability: To have your data in a portable format
  • - Right to object: To processing of your personal data, including the right to object to automated decision making.


  • Complaints and Data Protection Authority
    If you have any concerns regarding the way we process your personal data and have contacted us to exercise your rights but are not happy with the way we are handling your queries, you have the right make a complaint to a local data protection authority for further support in dealing with your concerns. Use the following to find contact information for local Data Protection Authority: Click Here


  • Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Smartsociates from time to time will update this privacy policy and any approved revision to this policy will be posted on our website. We shall also notify you of such changes by email if it is deemed necessary for us to do so.


  • Contacting us
    If you have any queries regarding this privacy policy please send an email to