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We are delighted to welcome Pascal and Smartsociates on to the programme in Newcastle. With our unique offering that provides the right environment, coaching and networks, we help entrepreneurs start, scale and succeed every day. We look forward to seeing Pascal engage with the programme and grow their business with us.
Gordon Merrylees
Managing Director Entrepreneurship, NatWest
Smartsociates is a 21st century workplace. The digital revolution has increased the need for a contingent workforce and freelancing is fast becoming an easy channel for new graduates to enter the employment market and accelerated their development by taking on a multitude challenging projects and adopting skill based learning activities.
Mansha Nawaz
Teesside University Computing Lecturer
Smartsociates portal provides small businesses with innovative tools required to leverage business opportunities online and to render their services without restriction to geographic boundaries and time zone.
Ruben Pinedo-Cuenca
Business Innovation Manager

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