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Growth Hacker, Dgital Marketing
Hourly Rate: £10/hr
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IT & Computing - n/a
Digital marketing
Growth Hacking
Website development
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Oxford College Of Engineering Engineering (2019-01)


Temenos+Agility Growth Hacker (2015-07)-(2019-01)


Professional Skills are into Growth Hacking, Corporate Sales, Digital Marketing, Google ads, Linked In ads, PPC, Lead Generation, SEO, IT Sales ,Socially adept,Verbal Communication Skill, Teamwork ,Written Communication Skills, Networking skills, Planning and Organizing skills, Flexibility in Nature,Creative talents and the ability to solve tough problems, Negotiating skills, Computer Skills, Life-Long Learner,IT Skills, Creative with work & Workaholic. More than this : Industry knowledge, networking skills, marketing / sales orientation, appreciation of customer needs, high energy levels, ability to meet sales targets, communication & presentation skills, Researching & Prospecting skills, sound understanding of business principles. ● Develop SEO strategies, and implement and monitor campaigns.
 ● Working with both on page and off page optimisation. ● Perform site analysis, keyword research and mapping, and assess link building opportunities.
 ● Based on analysis, results and client feedback, continually improve and modify strategies to optimise effectiveness. ● Discussing new strategies and resolving their difficulties in work.
 ● LOTS of research & competitor analysis. ● Evaluating current customers online journeys. ●Google AdWords. ●PPC. ●Google Analytics. ● Better fulfilling user intents and faster. ● Optimize Technical SEO. ● Improve internal linking structures. ● Integrate Mobile Enhancements. ● Repurpose & reinvigorate evergreen content. ● Staying up to date on Algo changes. ● Evaluating competitors and industry landscape. ●Link Building, Decrease Bounce Rate. I have Sound knowledge on Digital marketing - On-Page,SSM,Google Ad words and much more. Use of Google Analytics, Adwords, Adsense, etc.