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Energy, Bio-Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Science and More...


Process, Electronics, Materials, Safety, Survey Mapping, Automation, Aerospace and More...

One to One Learning

Expert Coaching, Consultancy, Private Tutoring and More...

IT & Computing

Web Development, Data Modelling, Cloud Computing, Games Programming, Software Testing and More...

Graphic & Design

Logo Design, 3D CAD, Illustration, Architectural Design, Fine Artists, Motion Graphics and More...

Media & Communication

Animation, Translation, Technical Writing, Blogging, Social Media, Creative Writing and More...


Marketing, Book Keeping, Payroll, Forecasting, Legal, SEO, Branding, Statistics and More...

Digital Marketing

Market Research, Social Media Marketing, Website Auditing, SEO, Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn Marketing, Content Editors and More...

Remote Support

Software Support, Software Installation, Cloud Installation, Computer Networking, Engineering Modelling, CAD Assistance and More...

How It Works

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Search for Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and SMEs Service providers profiles. Request a quotation and hire a Freelancer directly for a fixed or hourly price. Alternatively post a project to receive bids from preselected Freelancers and review quotations before awarding the project. Read More


Get your projects delivered affordably and faster.

Attract bright minds and add value to your project.

Leverage your resource gaps from an adhoc Talent Pool.

Manage Cost Flexibly to match Business Cycles.

Manage project communication within Smartsociates.


Search for posted projects, express interest and get pre-selected before submitting a quotation directly to the Client. Breakdown your quotation into multiple workpacks to match payment schedule. A minimum of one workpack is required for any quotation. Read More


Work, Earn and Learn Flexibly.

Manage your career to match lifestyle.

Project Manage your work directly.

Diversify income streams to ensure job security.

Get rewarded for sharing your knowledge and skills.


Project manage your work within the platform. Create and submit quotations to Clients. Funds are held on the platform once a Client places an order. Get paid instantly once Output is delivered and Client Accepts Work. Read More


Reduced cash-flow risk for your business.

Access International Markets and Clients.

Secure payment methods.

Buy and Sell Services Using One Account.

Set Milestones, Weekly and Monthly Payments.


Search for Freelance Trainers, Coaches, Mentors and Training providers profiles on the Learn Portal. View their profile ad request a quotation so you can hire them directly. Alternatively post project a training to receive bids from preselected Freelancers or Companies, then screen quotations before awarding project. Read More


Opportunity to learn new skills quicker.

Give your students more out of Classroom.

Identify Skill Gaps, Learn from Experts and Excel.

Never Get Stuck, Seek Help directly from a Smartsociate.


Search for Volunteers and Technologists willing to support your innovative idea and discuss your requirements with them directly. Alternatively you can post an innovative idea and let potential collaborators express interest, then select and invite them to join your team. Read More


Collaborate and get your idea to market faster.

Stay competitive. Don’t miss out on bright ideas.

Reduce start-up cost and efforts.

Gain experience to boost your skills.

Share your skills and give back to the community.


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  • One to One Messaging
  • Project Management Utilities
  • File Sharing
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Great for Freelancers

  • All Standard Features +
  • Preferential Listing
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Small & Medium Businesses

  • Pro Features +
  • Hiring Assistance
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  • Project Reporting

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